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Los Angeles County Poised to Provide Additional Community-based Services for Youth Diversion and Development in History-making Partnership

Press Release | February 7, 2019

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors yesterday approved a historic Public/Private Partnership between the Los Angeles County Probation Department and two of the area’s leading grant-makers—the Liberty Hill Foundation and the California Community Foundation. This landmark collaboration will dramatically increase services and opportunities delivered by local community-based organizations to youth currently in the probation system and to at-risk youth to divert them from entering the County system altogether.

The Probation Department will allocate $3.2 million from the Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) funds to the respective foundations who will in turn set up a grant process for grass-roots and emerging community-based organizations. This will allow for faster distribution of the funds and an opportunity for smaller organizations to access these funds that may not normally have had the infrastructure to compete for county contracts.

The grants distributed through this partnership will expand opportunities and resources for programs that keep vulnerable youth out of the justice system and help those in the system transition back into the community. These programs provide critical socio-emotional support that is proven to successfully prevent many youth from entering the juvenile justice system, while also cutting the recidivism rates of those who have.

With this new partnership, Los Angeles County will continue to be the nation’s leader for demonstrating how an effective community-based model focused on prevention and treatment not only decreases the number of youth incarcerated, but also improves chances for more youth to earn their high school diplomas, become gainfully employed and decrease the likelihood of being incarcerated as an adult. The services made available via this collaboration will be provided within the youths’ own communities thus making it easier for the families to access.

With a shared goal to provide youth rehabilitative programs centered on healing, learning and opportunity, grantees will receive funding for their critical work advancing education, mental health, cultural and workforce programs. The grantees will also benefit from Liberty Hill’s proven track record of coalition-building, training, and support to build organizational capacity for growth and success. Grantees will develop capacity-building plans, and have access to individualized coaching and cohort-based trainings helping them to be more competitive for future funding.

“Community based organizations have already demonstrated their power in helping to effectively allocate these critical resources,” said Liberty Hill President & CEO Shane Murphy Goldsmith. “This will prevent losing more vulnerable young people to incarceration; instead, they will be connected in meaningful ways in our communities and will help us make Los Angeles the County we know it can be.”

The California Community Foundation believes that the collaboration will ultimately make a positive difference in the lives of countless people.

“By shifting the focus from simply avoiding criminal or classroom misbehavior to fully embracing methods that result in high school graduation, college readiness and career success, we can dramatically change the lifetime opportunities for young people and the well-being of our community as a whole,” said California Community Foundation President and CEO Antonia Hernández. “Together we can help all our young people to realize their limitless potential.”

In the last few years the Los Angeles County Probation Department has been actively establishing relationships with local non-profits dedicated to helping expand programs that improve the health of youth and their families. Probation dedicated $14 million to community-based diversion programs in 2018.

“We are proud of this new partnership with Liberty Hill and the California Community Foundation because of our shared objective to improve the outcomes of youth in our communities,” said Chief Deputy Probation Officer Sheila Mitchell who oversees the operations of Los Angeles County’s juvenile halls and residential treatment camps. “This strengthens our goal of partnering with community-based organizations that have proven track records for proactively providing critical programs for our youth.”

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