Offering Hope and Community Through Pass It Along Fund

Angelina and her daughter thank Bresee and Pass It Along.

Being a single mother to an 11 and 17-year-old while pushing to make ends meet as a housekeeper is challenging as it is, but add a pandemic and economic uncertainty, and it can seem nearly impossible. This is exactly where Angelina found herself when the stay at home orders we announced in mid-March. All the homes she cleaned asked her not to return until it was safe. Emotionally distraught, Angelina and her young family needed a lifeline.

They were already barely scrapping by, like so many of us, in Los Angeles where we have a 24% poverty rate which is expected to grow during this pandemic. Angelina is among the 1.6 million Californians who are out of work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Struggling to Take Care of Basic Needs
CCF’s nonprofit partners who provide case management and direct services are hearing firsthand from clients that families are struggling to pay for their most basic needs: money for rent, utilities, hygiene and baby items and food. Lines are snaking around food banks that do not have enough food to respond to the increased demand.

And as more people are relying on technology and fast internet broadband to access work, school and services, the most vulnerable are requesting laptops, tablets and internet hotspot to keep students like Angelina’s teenagers from falling farther behind.

Economic hardship is rapidly emerging as a central concern of our nonprofit partners and communities across Los Angeles County, particularly for working poor families furloughed in industries like service, hospitality and construction.

How Pass It Along Works
CCF’s approach to economic hardship assistance is to activate and fully fund the Pass It Along (PIA) program which is a proven network of long-standing direct service providers who have long provided emergency assistance with CCF support for over 20 years. Now more than ever this network is a lifeline. The PIA program does not provide cash to individuals directly instead the program funds nonprofits who can help provide hardship assistance.

For example, when Angelina needed help, she was able to turn to PIA grantee, Bresee Foundation for help. Bresee was able to evaluate her circumstances and determine how to offer support. Without money for rent, Angelina was at risk of becoming homeless, but because of her courage to ask for help and Bresee and PIA’s support, she was able to pay two-months’ rent and gain some hope in during a trying moment. Angelina reflected, “During these times, there’s been a lot of stress because you think about not being able to pay rent and falling behind on your bills. Personally, I’ve had trouble sleeping and I haven’t slept well in weeks. This aid is a big help because it’s going to help us pay for rent. The foundation makes us a part of a family, part of the community and it makes us feel supported.”

When so many of our neighbors like Angelina need to feel supported and part of a community, we can create more acts of kindness by helping each other when we need it most. Help us Pass It Along by visiting our site and donate today!

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