Housing | December 18, 2019

How You Can Offer Services and Track Solutions to Homelessness

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There are many initiatives to build more housing and emergency shelters for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Tracking progress can be challenging. We know that true system change requires collaboration, so we work closely with our partners to monitor progress and stay updated. Below are links to websites that share additional information and updates regarding various efforts underway, as well as services that can be offered to people struggling with homelessness right now.



Help People Experiencing Homelessness Now

Requesting Assistance: If you see someone experiencing homelessness you can help even if you haven’t interacted with them directly. The LA County Homeless Outreach Portal LA-HOP.org is a tool to help refer people on the street to outreach workers. Here, you can fill out a request and an outreach team will be tasked to come out and assist these individuals.

Locating a Shelter: Figuring out where people can find shelter isn’t always easy, but there is a 24-hour hotline, a list of winter shelters and map of year-round shelters with available beds located on LAHSAs website here.

Track Progress on Measures to Address Homelessness

Production of Supportive Housing: CCF’s biggest investment in the region’s effort to combat homelessness is our work to help the public and private sectors build 10,000 new units of supportive housing in the City of Los Angeles by 2026 with funds from Proposition HHH. Monitor progress on that goal on the City’s tracker here.

Production of New Shelter Beds: To help address the emergency needs of people living on the streets, the City launched “A Bridge Home” to build 2,300 temporary emergency shelter beds across the City. Progress on that initiative can be found here.

Funding for Outreach, Rental Assistance and Other Services: In March 2018, LA County voters approved Measure H to raise $3.5 billion over ten years for services and housing for persons experiencing homelessness. Track the implementation of that program here.


For more information on CCF’s Emergency Support for LA County’s Homeless Neighbors please click here

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