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2021 Wildfire Recovery Fund Grantees — Embracing Technology, Old and New


In 2021, Wildfires in Northern California were some of the largest fires in the state’s history, several burning more than 100,000 acres each; the Dixie Fire alone destroyed close to one million acres.* As California continues to contend with extreme fires and their devastating impacts—both environmental and social—we find ourselves, perhaps now more than ever, searching for ways to protect Californian lives and livelihoods.

One approach is iteration and innovation. One group CCF funded this year is piloting an effort to extinguish fires more efficiently, using a biodegradable water additive combined with a helicopter delivery system of oversized, internal water tanks.

In response to the wildfires of 2021, CCF also provided relief and recovery funds to underserved, wildfire-impacted communities in California, but also focused on forest stewardship—specifically on training and knowledge-sharing around prescribed burns, fuel reduction and forest restoration. Some of these methods have been tested and refined for decades, if not centuries, by local tribal communities.

To meet the constant threat of fire across our state, CCF has embraced new technology, while taking care to promote the tradition of an old, time-honored and tested one. Both approaches aim to reduce the size and severity of these fires.

Critical to how CCF responds to need is the consideration of who has the greatest need. We identified a broad range of organizations and entities whose work in California targets the needs of low-income and impoverished people, tribal communities living on or proximate to wildfire-affected areas, children, elderly people, disabled people, non-native English speakers and first responders.

For fiscal year 2021-22, 11 proposals have been funded totaling $1,978,400 in relief, recovery and resiliency grants. CLICK HERE to see the complete list of CCF’s 2021 Wildfire Recovery Fund Grantees.

For more information, contact us at disaster@calfund.org or visit our Wildfire Recovery Fund page here.

* https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents/2021/

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