Mission & Vision

The Community is Our Foundation

CCF leads positive systemic change that strengthens Los Angeles’ communities. We envision a future where all Angelenos have the opportunity to contribute to the productivity, health and well-being of our region. And we believe that our common fate will be determined by how successfully we improve the quality of life for all of our residents.


Throughout our history, CCF has adapted to reflect the needs and interests of the community.

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Changing Lives by Changing Systems

As a community foundation, CCF is committed to addressing the complex challenges and unleashing the extraordinary potential of Los Angeles County. From health and education to immigration, housing and economic development, our knowledge and expertise ensure our donors are able to maximize the impact of their giving. And our proven track record of sound investments ensures those generous gifts can continue creating meaningful change into the future.

Granting Billions to Strengthen Futures

CCF began our second century in 2015 with an ambitious pledge: Grant $1 billion to L.A. County nonprofits over the next 10 years. We and our donors reached this goal early, granting enormous funds to thousands of organizations and causes in Los Angeles County. Whether for health or education, animal welfare or the arts, these gifts are improving the quality of life for our neighbors and creating a stronger future for our children.

Our Funding Pillars


Education allows the next generation to acquire the tools to become the artists, educators, entrepreneurs, scientists and community leaders of tomorrow. Unfortunately, too many are getting lost along the way.


When Angelenos get the care they need, our communities thrive and prosper. We believe that someone’s health shouldn’t be determined by their zip code or place of birth, and that all Angelenos should have access to quality physical and mental health care.


We have long been committed to protecting the rights and future of new Americans and helping to integrate immigrants into the civic fabric of Los Angeles, with more than $10 million granted to local nonprofits that serve L.A.’s vibrant immigrant communities.


In addressing Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis, there is no more effective tool than supportive housing. The combination of long-term affordable housing with critical services such as job training, case management and health care can drive systemic change.

Ready to Make an Impact?

Regardless of what issue moves you to take action, we can help you find or create a resource for transforming your philanthropic dream into a meaningful reality that evolves with you, your family and your needs.