Margaret Honda

Margaret HondaArtist’s Statement

My degree was in material culture, which looks at how objects fulfill their intended purposes. Intended purposes imply purposes that are not. My work elaborates unintended purposes of materials and situations or, closely related, unexamined assumptions about them.

A recent exhibition consisted of three works. One was a sculpture that reconstructed at full scale all 15 of my previous studios, creating a retrospective experience of my practice without exhibiting a single work but the sculpture itself.

A film of California wildflowers shot on expired Kodachrome came back from the lab without images. In the absence of an image, the white rectangle of light becomes a space for imagination as a narrator describes each flower’s appearance at the moment it would have appeared on screen. The film records something that is vanishing with a photographic technology so old that it failed to fulfill its purpose.

A book of my writings describes all the work done in the 15 studios. Although in the exhibition, it was present only in the bookstore, a site conventionally separate from an exhibition.

These works emancipate themselves from the literality of representation, suggesting a void not as an empty place but as a site of production.



Solo Exhibitions

Künstlerhaus Bremen, Germany

Sculptures, Triangle France, Marseille

5th Footnote, PØST, Los Angeles

…With Observations on their Habits, Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles

Select Group Exhibitions

Organic Situation, Koenig & Clinton, New York
An Aesthetics of Slowness, Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs, Long Island City
(curated by Chuong-Dai Vo Hong)

Los Angeles Museum of Art in Made in L.A. 2014, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (curated by Alice Könitz)
May Invitational, Care/of DOCVA and Via Farini, Milan (curated by Atelier Impopulaire)

Group Screenings

Experimenta, 58th BFI London Film Festival
Wavelengths, 39th Toronto International Film Festival
Forum Expanded, 64th International Film Festival, Berlin


M.A., Winterthur Program in Early American Culture, University of Delaware

B.A., Art History, University of California, San Diego