Kenneth Tam

Kenneth TamArtist’s Statement

My work is interested in reimagining the possible relations that exist between individuals, and I use sculpture and video to create unusual, provocative encounters between objects and bodies that explore this idea.

In past works, I’ve readily exploited my own body and arranged encounters with people that I met on the Internet. These meetings were centered around activities I constructed, and took place in the other person’s home, with only the two of us present in front of the camera. What we did often breached boundaries of comfort and propriety, and took ideas about intimacy and vulnerability to absurd, uncomfortable places.

My most recent video involves working with my father, and is shot in the basement of his home. Within his domain, we wordlessly engage in various surreal, mysterious activities, and use the camera as a pretext to explore the physical nature of the father/son relationship. Our activities border on the ritualistic, and exploit paternal tensions to unsettling effect.

I am most excited by the moments when interactions between individuals can be transformed into something unfamiliar yet evocative, where human relations itself can be made uncanny. My videos continually explore the possibility that men can come together to produce inexplicable strangeness.



Solo Exhibitions

Polite, Intelligent and Respectful , Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Two and a Half Hands , PAULINE, Los Angeles, CA 

Select Group Exhibitions

Basement Folds, Claremont University Gallery, Los Angeles
Me and Benjamin , Galerie Xippas, Paris, France

The Trouble Between Us , Weingart Gallery, Occidental College, Los Angeles

Abstract Perversion , 5 Car Garage/Emma Gray HQ, Los Angeles 

Select Screenings

Screenings III, Favorite Goods, Los Angeles, CA

Home Videos , with Leigh Ledare , loisiada, New York, NY

Miscellaneous Documents , curated by Catherine Taft, The Box, Los Angeles CA 

Fellowships and Awards

Core Program Fellowship, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

Art Matters Foundation Grant


M.F.A., 2010
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

B.F.A., 2004
The Cooper Union, New York, NY