Tricia Ward

Tricia WardArtist’s Statement

Since moving to Los Angeles 20+ years ago, I have worked at the intersection of art practice, landscape, social practice and urban politics, creating a unique public art practice. Although I have also worked on projects in Houston, Detroit, and Buenos Aires, my main focus has been the creation of 2 art parks, La Tierra de la Culebra and Spiraling Orchard, and a non-profit organization, ACLA (art…community…land…activism).

I founded La Tierra de la Culebra, in Highland Park in response to the civil unrest of 1992. Working organically with the site (a garbage-strewn lot) the neighborhood (low income, with gang problems) and the local people (Latino families, especially teenagers) I developed an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating multiple physical and cultural mediums and programs to enrich the place. These collaborative activities included constructing sculptural landscapes, mural & graffiti painting, dance, drumming, music, performance, community celebrations, spoken word, art education, and civic engagement. Culebra has served as a cultural space that has attracted people from across the city, crossing the boundaries of class, race, ethnicity and geography.

The park’s success led to further projects, such as the Spiraling Orchard ArtPark (1997) inTemple-Beaudry, Frances Avenue Gardens in Koreatown (1998) and the ChinaTown Studio (1996).


Select Group Exhibition/Performance 2010-2014

“Can Artists Heal Nature in LA?”, “It’s simple: Reciprocal
SOC(i)AL: ACLA Park, La Culebera, performer/ presenter
BEAT the DRUM…HeartBeats of the 4 Continents Celebration II , Ford Amphitheatre Summer Presenters, Conceptual & Artistic Director

BEAT the DRUM…Heartbeats Celebration I , commissioned by and for Los Angeles Folk Art Museum
“An Artist Lost in Planning Land”, performer/presenter, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah

Community-based Projects 2010-2014

Navilandia al Sur Parque Patricio Collaboration. cHelA Art & Technology Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Tierra de la Culebra. ACLA Community Environmental ArtPark
Spiraling Orchard. ACLA’s Collaborative of architects, artists and engineers have worked the
last 8 years funding, remediating, engineering, designing and redesigning,
and the state and city permitting for a sustainable community pavilion to
serve future generations of community residents.


San Francisco Art Institute; B.F.A 1972

University of California & San Francisco Art Institute Independent Studies in Europe 1971