Sarah Rara

Sarah RaraArtist’s Statement

I am a Los Angeles-based artist working with video, film, and performance. Throughout my work Actual Reality is a recurrent theme. An interest in different modes of observation-based inquiry informs the way my work often employs rules, systems, and scores to generate experiential learning situations. With prolonged attention and detailed observation, I explore phenomena that are at once both explicit and mysterious. Ordinary yet spectacular occurrences are made visible in-camera or manifested to the eye without special effects.

Sound-Image relationships, and the complex exchange between different systems, are important components to my practice. Sound, with direct correlation to social themes of harmony and dissonance, forms an ideal platform for translating and exploring modes of cooperation and individualization, as well as the co-existence of multiple points of attention built into any viewing (or living) scenario. My experience working in sound as a social medium was developed over years working collaboratively as part of the performance group Lucky Dragons.

These modest experiments into the workings of the world play with the perceptual tricks that produce amazing co-existing realities, thereby forming a sincere demonstration of encounters that forge openness, malleability, and empathy in communication.



Select Solo Exhibitions

A Ray Array , Space, London
Tour de Force,
Alias, Los Angeles, CA

Select Group Exhibitions

Made in LA , Los Angeles Biennial, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
The Possible,
Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA

Not a Particle or a Place but an Action,
James Cohan Gallery, New York, NY
Act II: The Props , Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA

Select Fellowships and Awards

Harpo Foundation, individual Artist Grant

CCI ARC Durfee Award, for the exhibition 2012, Microtonal Array,
Intermedia Arts Centre, Toronto

Select Community-based Artwork

Daylay, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA (as Lucky Dragons)

Actual Reality , Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA (as Lucky Dragons)

Arpeggios for Breakfast , Actual Size, Los Angeles, CA

Live Sprawl , MOCA, Los Angeles, CA (as Lucky Dragons)


M.F.A., 2011
University of Southern California

B.A., Comparative Literature 2006
Brown University