Guillermo Bert

Guillermo BertArtist’s Statement

As a visual artist, I am fascinated with the concept of encrypting messages.

My current project, Encoded Textiles, extends earlier motifs into new work that engages a new generation of bar codes and Indigenous symbol systems through textile arts. I first noticed that QR codes, like those used to tag airport luggage, share remarkable similarities to the textiles of Mapuche peoples of my home country in Chile. From this observation, I began my multilayered project, collaborating to date with Mapuche, Navajo, and Zapotec weavers.

In this techno society, our identities are digitized and, in the process, may be stolen or lost – parallel, perhaps, to the identities “lost” by Indigenous peoples who become subsumed by the dominant society. This project intends to poetically reverse this process. The project is collaborative: between members of the communities, my self and the gallery space through the click of a mobile device. By using a smartphone to “de-code” the design on the weaving, the viewer can visually enter into a digitized portal of Native American life. My goal is to expand to 10 countries throughout Latin America, as interest in this traveling project of 21st century technology, Indigenous weaving techniques, and cultural revitalization grows.



Select Solo Exhibitions from 2010-2014

Incubator, The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Bar-codes Series, Museum of Art & History, Lancaster, CA.

Encoded Textiles, Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena, CA.

Guillermo Bert: The Bar Code Series / Blurring the Boundary
between Cultures & commodities, Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA.

Select Group Exhibitions from 2010-2014

Seeking Silicon Valley: ZERO1 Biennial, Performance Art Institute, San
Francisco, CA.

Keeping an Eye on Surveillance, The Performance Art Institute, San
Francisco, CA.

Manifest Equality: Equal Rights for all Americans, temporary gallery,
Hollywood, CA.

Banned and Recovered: Artist Intervention, Reese Bullen Gallery at Humboldt
State University, CA.

Select Community-based Artwork

“Human Trafficking”, Mural, Museum of Tolerance, West Los Angeles, CA.

Fellowships and Awards

California Community Foundation, Mid Career Grant

Master Artist Grant, National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures,
Austin, TX.


Advance studies 2005,
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA.

B.A., 1981
Catholic University, Santiago, Chile.