Corey Fogel

Corey FogelArtist’s Statement

My current practice evolved from integrating performance with my earliest creative impulses- adolescent experiments with androgyny, color, fashion, rebellion, and humor. Previously compartmentalized personal expression, craft, and music, now co-exist to explore the sublime.

Synesthesia, sensuality, and spirituality have always led me to work instinctually with subjects that naturally attract me. I am inspired by abstract characters that exist between mediums. I create performances by transposing linear and minimalist musical structures into vibrant, multi-layered compositions of fabric, object, sound, gesture, and organic material. Many works are improvisational, and site-specific. A familiar, inviting, perhaps tongue-in-cheek trope provides a platform for more abstract manipulations, often developing into a surreal myth or ritual. Using materiality, physicality, temporality and corporeality, I engage various media to accomplish newly discovered tasks. I try to intuit the most authentic role for each of my subjects, often uncovering innately sexual, visceral relationships that mirror my behaviors as a percussionist. My recent goals are to stage and distill sculptural, video, and photographic pieces that preserve or pause rich ephemeral moments, to collapse boundaries between disciplines.



Select Solo Exhibitions from 2010-2014

PSYCHIC CURRENCY. Night Gallery, Los Angeles

corey marc fogel. (fanpage), Facebook.
SPUNOFF MUSIC [Vos iz Abspaltung (musik)? danken!] Machine Project, Los

Corey Fogel A.I.R. UCLA-Hammer Museum’s Public Engagement Series

Select Group Exhibitions from 2010-2014

Blended. SeeLine Gallery, Los Angeles

Three Day Weekend. Public Fiction, Los Angeles

Transmission AV Club. MOCA, Los Angeles

The Collective Show. Human Resources, Los Angeles

Select Community-based Artwork

Swash Motions. 5/18/2013.
Cannonball. Miami, FL

Magnolia Alternative. The Wulf @ MOCASunday Studio.


M.F.A., 2004
California Institute of the Arts

B.A., 2001
Arizona State University