Shizu Saldamando

Shizu SaldamandoArtist’s Statement

I am interested in the way subculture functions and manifests itself through fashion, and music. Visual codes are re-interpreted and remixed with new generations by re contextualizing seemingly outdated fashion, music and language. This remix within subculture is often in contrast and a response to mainstream marketing and co-optation. I am interested in capturing specific fleeting social moments within local backyard parties, independent music shows, and the like, but I also am considering the pervasive and problematic context of binary subjectivity (good vs. evil) by depicting personal moments of reflection and contemplation that resist this marginalizing categorization. I view portraiture as a means to reclaim self image and subjectivity not only in response to mainstream media’s flattening and one dimensional gaze, but also as a pro-active process in that enables and gives agency. I use a mix of materials within the process such as wood, bed sheets, color pencil, washi paper and ball point pen, to give nod to the varying contexts and situations I depict. My overall objective is to create images with unconventional materials, honoring people and moments that resist categorization and question the existing archetypal and hierarchical norms.



Solo Exhibitions

When You Sleep: A Survey of Shizu Saldamando, Vincent Price Art Museum, ELAC, Monterey Park, CA (Upcoming in September)

All Tomorrow’s Parties, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

There is a place, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

Stay Gold, Space 47, San Jose, CA

Group Exhibitions

Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles International Airport, terminal 7 & 8, Departures Hallway
Artifex, Koplin del Rio Gallery, Culver City, CA

Crossing Boundaries in Art, University of Kyoto, Japan
De-constructing Chinatown, Chinese American Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Sueños Libres: West Coast Soñazos, Self-Help Graphics & Art, Los Angeles, CA


California Community Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Visual Artists


Art Omi International Artist Colony, County Route 22, New York


M.F.A, 2005
California Institute of the Arts

B.A., 2000