Cayetano Ferrer

Cayetano FerrerArtist’s Statement

I, while operating photos, video, publishing, and a wide range of tools, including my concerns as a contract with the artist in the context of architecture and sculpture, submit this statement, translated between into various languages, and back. Features are a popular part of my work, and dealing with the limitations and reality and art and fantasy, I also limit these shifts, attracted to how to involve the deep structure of visual communication. Still, a repeated subtle operation questioning that language and the state of these objects in a format that I can handle which is cultural object’s familiar place. Engineering, in reverse, a variety of media, signage, books, commerce, constructions, of various forms, the internal logic of the material, and then dismantling, reassembling them into new arrangements. Taking advantage of technology and various transactions of these are to be considered. Studied in the context of engraving the general concerns of these technologies and materials in space has expanded to include architecture–here, architecture and sculpture mirroring each other occurs. This type of behavior architecture, space to start the move to sculpture architecture, I take communication as a principle priority and often function. In California that flourished, and the Vegas complex incorporates a full rip after the Hollywood movie through set design relief and sculpture, rebuilt in the age of communication, high density with reference to hyperlinks on a website. Casino of the 21st century. Light has become a critical material, and surface texture may be applied at the molecular level.



Select Solo Exhibitions from 2009-2013

Forced Perspective, Mayerei, Karlsruhe

The Great Unconformity, USC Roski School of Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles

Select Group Exhibitions from 2009-2013

Made in LA, Hammer Museum, LAX, LA Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles
forecast the days of aquarius, lake placid blue, like oceanburst’s stage, Galerie Max Mayer, Dusseldorf

The New Verisimilitude, Francois Ghebaly @ M+B, Los Angeles
Suelto, La Central, Bogota

Fellowships and Awards

Macomber Travel Award, USC Roski School of Fine Arts, Los Angeles


M.F.A., 2010
USC Roski School of Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

B.F.A., 2006
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL