Nancy Popp

Nancy PoppArtist’s Statement

My work draws upon the rich traditions of durational, corporeal performance and political intervention to explore relations between body as site, the context of site that envelopes the body, and the constant fluctuations that connect the two. I frequently engage architectural and public space as a metaphor for these connections; through this engagement I wrestle with political and social boundaries of geography and identity through risky, playful and often confrontational interventions.

My interest lies in creating ruptures between sites of body and place that calls forth the physical psychological and social limits of both. Agency becomes interplay between the self and other — the space in-between. Works such as Untitled (Street Performances), in which my body traverses and inverts the normal boundaries and hierarchies of public space, also draw audience into the middle ground between spectator and participant; as the sites enveloping them are destabilized and dislocated, their “place” is called into question. Other projects such as Cut Performance and Corner critique and render interior architectural spaces as nested systems of power and order; by puncturing and perforating their rigid boundaries, new spaces outside of a dichotomy emerge and are inhabited.

Through these actions and installations – and secondarily by their documentation – I seek to upend gendered spatial codes and power hierarchies via the insertion of my body and its unique experience, assertion of presence, interactivity and playful response to site.



Select Solo Exhibitions from 2007-2011

A Little Louder: Performance in Conversation, Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles

Nancy Popp/Moment Trigger; curated by Dino Dinco, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

Untitled (Street Performances), the contemporary, Atlanta

Select Group Exhibitions from 2007-2011

Acting Out, Rowan University Art Gallery, New Jersey

Performing Public Space, Casa Del Tunel, Tijuana, Mexico

Three Women, Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles

Documental, Pilot Project, Düsseldorf, Germany, and Chapman University, Orange, Calif.
Overflow (with the LA Art Girls), The Getty Center, MOCA, Los Angeles

Fellowships and Awards

Creative Capital Selected Applicant, Lucas Residency Program Fellow, Montalvo Arts Center


M.F.A, 2007
San Francisco Art Institute

B.F.A., 1997
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Calif.