Vincent Ramos

Vincent RamosArtist’s Statement

My work functions within a dialogue that simultaneously converses with the past and present. I combine elements of drawing, installation and performance to continually maneuver between these two points.

What these junctures depict and ultimately represent are based on the various forms of collecting and archiving from which my practice stems. It is through these research-oriented processes that the act of locating the hidden layers of meaning, inherent within everything, becomes most meaningful.

As of late, my work has led me to an interest in fusing certain strains of popular culture with specific historical events, to reinterpret notions of memory, time and place within the social, cultural and political arenas of American society.



Select Solo Exhibitions

Motown Took Us There And Motown Brought Us Back, Crisp London/Los Angeles,
Los Angeles

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, Lime Gallery, CalArts, Valencia, Calif.

Select Group Exhibitions

Post American L.A., 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, Calif.

A>B: A Field Guide To Urban Commuting, FOCA, Los Angeles

Drip Event (For George Brecht), Pawn Shop, Los Angeles

Select Community-Based Artwork

Visiting Artist, Venice High School
(In conjunction with Post American L.A., 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica,


2007, M.F.A.
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, Calif.

2002, B.F.A.
Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles