Dave Hullfish Bailey

Dave Hullfish BaileyArtist’s Statement

My overall artistic project is a speculative, cross-disciplinary investigation of how various structures-social, material, economic, natural, geographic, and narrative-combine to shape life in specific places and communities.

My process begins with extensive research, much of it conducted through visiting, interviewing, working alongside or otherwise engaging local residents. These people are both participants in, and the first audience for, a project. I then use experimental methods to construct non-linear systems, webs, and patterns of information amongst the various facts and anecdotes I glean. The resulting speculative relationships I attempt to return back to the practical, and public, sphere by means of highly contextualized interventions.

What I ultimately exhibit, present and/or publish falls into two basic categories: 1) elaborate tracings-presented through drawings, photographs, writings, videos, functional objects, and/or architectural models-of the connective networks upon which my site-based interventions rest; and 2) the realized interventions themselves, which take form as architectural alterations, ad hoc re-purposings of public spaces, participatory workshops and other collaborative events.

In its processes of disorganization, re-distribution and re-organization of information, my method structurally echoes the effects I hope to generate. This begins with the critical goal of dismantling categorical methods of thinking about place, people and ideas, which keep them pigeonholed and stereotyped. My informational networks aim to create a space of fractility and unexpected connectivity, where individuals, communities, natural and cultural processes are constructed in highly complex and surprisingly inter­related fashion. Analogously, my public interventions aim to create locations wherein habitual or preconceived boundaries-based on differences in vocation, age, interest, class, ethnicity, etc. -become confused and new, cross-cutting alignments can form.

Website: meslerandhug.com/artists/view/dave-hullfish-bailey


Select Solo Exhibitions

Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Elevator/Or, Centre d’Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain

Schindler Shelter, Parkhaus im Malkasten, Dusseldorf, Germany

Select Group Exhibitions

Katastrophenalarm, Neue Gesellschaft fur Bildende Kunst, Berlin,Germany

Ohio, Gahlberg Gallery, Chicago, IL

Groundhog Day, Pestorius Sweeney House, Brisbane, Australia

Urban Hymns, Luckmann Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

100 Photographs, Colin de Land Fine Arts, New York, NY

Professional Expertise

2003 – Present
Adjunct Associate Professor, Art Center College of Design

Adjunct Faculty, Chaffey College


Durfee Foundation ARC Grant

Philip Morris Kunstforderung Stipedium


M.F.A., 1995
Art Center College of Design

M.T.S., 1988
Harvard Divinity School

B.A., 1985
Carleton College