Charlie White

Charlie WhiteArtist’s Statement

My photographs aim to create scenarios in which the historical and the personal, and/or the social and the psychological, coexist within a single image. I accomplish this collapse of meanings through the careful process of designing and staging an image to relate and represent multiple issues at once. From the use of surrogate characters to represent male fragility and the complex interiority of the self in the Understanding Joshua series (2001; image #6); to the blurring of lines between the fictional space of popular culture and the emotional reality of adulthood in the And Jeopardize the Integrity of the Hull series (2003; image #5); to the reconsideration of major historical events in the Everything is American series (2006; Images #1-4), my practice has involved an ongoing process of creating fictional moments that attempt to investigate and reveal the complexities and tensions of adult life in America. I “make” my photographs (more so than I “take” them) as a means of addressing situations, both imagined and historically derived, that impact the viewer with a psychological depth that only the plasticity of fiction could access. My work strives to confront face-to-face the complicated perceptions of self and other that we grapple with in daily life, on personal as well as political levels. The goal I have set in my 10 years as a practicing artist has been to confront and harness the flexibility of the photograph as a way of seeing a person’s internal sense of self as well as a people’s external history.



Select Solo Exhibitions

Everything Is American, Center of Contemporary Art, Salamanca, Spain

And Jeopardize the Integrity of the Hull, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY

Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway

Select Group Exhibitions

The Puppet Show, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA

Art in America NOW, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China

Dark Places, Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

Strange Worlds, Hunter College Art Gallery, New York, NY

Sometimes Warm and Fuzzy, P.S. 1, New York, NY

Professional Expertise

Director MFA program, University of Southern California

2003 – 2006
Assistant Professor and Director, University of Southern California


M.F.A., 1998
Art Center College of Design

B.F.A., 1995
School of Visual Arts