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With You Foundation

Founded in 2019, the With You Foundation (WYF) is the passion project of Ebrahim (Ebi) and Mahshid Hamedi. For more than 50 years, Ebi has been the outspoken voice of a nation, inspiring millions of fans through his music. As Ebi and his oeuvre are banned from Iran (like countless other exiled Iranians and artforms), he needed to find an innovative way to reach and help the Farsi-speaking community. The With You Foundation was born as an avenue through which he and his wife, Mahshid — and their compassionate community — could use their positions to bring joy to those most in need.


With You Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of Farsi-speaking youth around the world by supporting the wishes of youth experiencing life-threatening health problems, and as such, foster hope, strength, and happiness.

To support Farsi-speaking youth living with life-threatening health problems by working with nonprofit organizations to provide youth with wishes. Wishes can range from transformational experiences to much-needed resources to improve the physical and emotional well-being for each child.

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