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Mini Lai Scholarship Fund

Mini Lai Scholarship Fund PhotoThe Mini Lai Scholarship Fund honors the memory of Mini Lai by helping illustration students at the Art Center College of Design (ACCD) achieve their dreams. Mini was a proud alumna of ACCD, majoring in illustration. This fund is made possible by generous donations from her family and friends.

The Mini Lai Scholarship Fund encourages ACCD illustration students to pursue their dreams despite the challenges that life presents. The goal of the fund is to help as many illustration students as possible. The fund hopes to inspire its recipients to one day give back and assist other aspiring illustration students.

About Mini Lai

Before attending Art Center College of Design, Mini attended University of California Irvine (UCI) and majored in biology. While she was at UCI, she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Despite her debilitating condition, she graduated from the university after seven challenging years of study.

Ultimately, Mini’s worsening heart condition required that she receive a heart transplant. With this second chance at life, she focused her energy on pursuing her life-long passion for art. She dreamed of attending ACCD and gained entrance through her dedication and hard work.

Because of the strength of her portfolio, Mini received generous scholarships to encourage her studies and assist her financially. The Mini Lai Scholarship Fund exists to give back to Mini’s supporters and continue their spirit of charitable giving.

Mini graduated from ACCD in 2000 and began to build her career. She worked on a broad range of projects, from developing logos and identity systems to creating wedding invitations and birth announcements to painting personal works.

Naturally, Mini’s unique life experience informed her personal work. She explored a wide range of subjects, from life and death to religion and spirituality to culture and tradition. A recurrent theme was the beauty of the human heart.

Eight years after she received her heart transplant, Mini suddenly passed away from a stroke. However, her spirit lives strong in the fond memories of her family and friends. Her passion for art continues through the Mini Lai Scholarship Fund.

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