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Manadoob Foundation PhotoNews stories recount the tragic effects of bullying.  Childhood obesity is becoming a national epidemic.  Children are often separated from parents due to divorce or death. In many cases, they are left to deal with emotional issues like these on their own.  Self-esteem can be described as the degree to which children feel accepted and valued by others who are important to them.  Creation of self-esteem is complex.   It comes from within a person and at the same time people around the person can have positive or negative impacts in its development.  Those who have a strong sense of themselves are able to better manage their lives and generally are more content and happier.

The Manadoob System was developed to stimulate the growth of a child’s self-awareness, self-empowerment, kindness, coping skills and social consciousness, to help them face the challenges in the world today.   

The mission of the Manadoob Foundation is to extend our outreach into Boys & Girls Clubs, domestic violence shelters, humane educational programs, public schools and many populations where the The Manadoob System will benefit and improve the lives of children.

With your help—every child can benefit.

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The Manadoob Foundation is a fiscal sponsorship fund of CCF Community Initiatives Fund, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation operated, supervised and controlled by the California Community Foundation.

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