The strongest structures are the ones we build together.

When the nonprofit organizations that make a difference in our communities have access to capital, they can expand services and become stronger and more effective. By providing and enabling loans to L.A. nonprofits, CCF helps these organizations become better able to tackle the major issues facing Angelenos.

We have long provided loans to intermediary lenders and directly to nonprofits, allowing organizations to leverage additional financing, broaden capacity and grow their work over time. Since 2010, we have provided nearly $40 million in financing commitments through 30 different projects. These loans have made an impact across a wide range of organizations and causes, helping preserve vital arts institutions like Self Help Graphics and Art and ensure lifesaving care through community health providers like MLK Community Hospital.

In particular, we have been a major provider of capital to address Los Angeles’ housing crisis. CCF’s direct loans to nonprofit developers have helped finance 10,000 affordable housing units. And we created the Home L.A. Loan Fund, an innovative partnership between CCF and its donors to combat homelessness. The fund has raised $4.3 million in capital which will be leveraged with CCF and its partners to create a $60 million investment in supportive housing, which has been proven to be the most effective way to address chronic homelessness. Holders of CCF Donor Advised Funds can participate in this low-interest, three-to-five-year loan program backed by a CCF guarantee and leverage private and public dollars to deliver social impact.