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Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund (LASIF)

Great futures are grown from the seeds of opportunity.

los angeles scholars investment fund

Los Angeles County is a world-class hub for higher education. Yet vast gaps in opportunity persist and we are not producing the graduates needed to sustain and grow the livelihood of our region. Only half of all L.A. County students complete high school with the classes required to apply to a four-year college, and just one in five students enrolled in a public university in L.A. County will graduate within four years. We are facing a college graduation crisis.

Through multi-sector, multi-agency partnerships that advance a more equitable educational system, the Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund (LASIF) supports underrepresented Los Angeles County students in obtaining a postsecondary credential or degree, bolstering economic mobility and creating brighter futures for students and families in our region.

Since the launch of LASIF in 2012, more than $25 million has been granted across 46 nonprofit partners, sponsoring services for more than 38,000 students and awarding over 7,000 scholarships. LASIF Scholars are completing degrees far faster and at higher rates than local and national averages. Of those who enrolled in college in 2015 or before, 70% had earned a bachelor’s degree by 2021 and 25% are still enrolled in pursuit of their postsecondary goals.

As informed by an extensive evaluation and community engagement process, in 2022 the California Community Foundation and its partners are celebrating 10 years of LASIF impact and launching new giving and funding opportunities.

Based on a commitment to center youth, the LASIF Broadening the Dual Enrollment Narrative Initiative (BROADEN) engaged the Stanford Gardner Center to facilitate a Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) project. The LASIF BROADEN Student Fellows prepared a memo entitled “Navigating Dual Enrollment: Los Angeles Scholars Share Their Insights on What Matters Most for Success.”

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