Immigration & Citizenship

Immigrants Are Essential Fund

Promoting wellness and sustainability in the nonprofit immigration sector

The Immigrants Are Essential Fund addresses the unique challenges faced by nonprofits in the Southern California’s immigrant rights sector, which commonly include high levels of burnout, lack of mental health support, and financial challenges for staff. The fund is a collaboration between CCF and the Weingart Foundation. 

The fund was created in response to the findings of “From Burnout to Wellbeing Building a Sustainable Immigration Movement”, a report by CCF, Weingart, and The Raben Group. While other reports have examined burnout within the nonprofit sector at large, this report revealed that organizations in the immigration sector are especially vulnerable. 

To help support those who regularly support others, the Immigrants Are Essential Fund promotes sustainability and wellness within the nonprofit sector. Resources are allocated to support wellness programs and activities such as self-care, therapy, workshops, and coaching for the people who power the sector in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Please click the donate button above to contribute to the fund. You can also contact to learn how you can get involved.