The first and most important pillar of success is health.

We understand how important affordable, quality health and preventive care are to our overall quality of life here in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, 750,000 of our residents are uninsured, which means missing out on prevention and treatment for chronic problems like asthma, diabetes and mental health. And many who do have coverage have limited access to essential health services. These issues hit low-income communities hardest.

When Angelenos can get the care they need, our communities thrive and prosper. We believe that one’s health should not be determined by their zip code or place of birth, that all Angelenos should have access to quality physical and mental health care. Each year the Health area supports youth access to mental health and substance use services, outreach and enrollment in health coverage and other forms of assistance, advocacy for expanding benefits to all residents regardless of immigration status, and financial coaching for nonprofits that deliver care to people experiencing homelessness.

And through the Centinela Valley Medical and Community Funds, we grant more than $3 million annually to hospitals and other organizations providing healthcare services, outreach and education in the Centinela Valley.

But building healthier communities requires more than just access to care. CCF brings together nonprofits and institutions to address the root causes of major health issues and disparities. We also focus on engaging health leaders and community members to advocate for programs and services that benefit public health.

For more information, visit our health resource library.

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