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Harrison Bate Memorial Neuroblastoma Research Fund

Harrison Bate Memorial Neuroblastoma Research Fund PhotoHarrison Bate was a courageous, charismatic, vibrant and heroic four-year-old boy who battled Stage 4 Neuroblastoma for over two years. In his very short life he touched so many with his beaming smile that could light up any room. His voice and strength will resonate forever with his adorning family and friends who loved him.


Neuroblastoma is a rare cancer of the sympathetic nervous system and the most common extra-cranial solid cancer in childhood. Each year there are about 700 new cases in the United States. It is usually found in young children and is the most common cancer among infants, however it can also present in young adults. These solid tumors may also spread to other areas of the body, including bone and bone marrow. Neuroblastoma is responsible for 8-10% of all childhood cancers, yet it disproportionately is accountable for a large number of cancer deaths in children.


Unfortunately, pediatric cancers do not receive the same attention and funding as adult cancer, even though childhood cancer is the number one disease killer among kids. The mission of the Harrison Bate Memorial Neuroblastoma Research Fund is to help fund clinical trials that lead to a cure for this insidious disease.

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