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The Gillie Foundation

Gillie FoundationWe believe dogs are precious gifts who deserve our love and protection – The Gillie Foundation will serve dogs as loyally and lovingly as our canine best friends serve us. We intend to make grants to organizations that promote the wellbeing of dogs, running the gamut from big to small, traditional dog rescue to super creative nascent projects, and dog-focused (providing resources to dogs) to people-focused (providing resources to dog owners).

The Gillie Foundation’s devotion to dogs is rooted in three core beliefs:

1) Humans have a responsibility to protect and love dogs. We bred otherwise self-sufficient wolves to be kind, sweet, gentle, social and loving. Dogs have evolved to serve our needs – from herding and retrieving to enthusiastically licking our faces when we get home from work. In exchange, we provide love, protection, and resources. We have a moral responsibility to serve a species we have bred to become dependent on us.

2) Dogs and humans share a unique bond. When dogs and humans make eye contact, play, or touch either, both release what’s known as the love hormone, oxytocin. By reducing human stress, separating us from our primal competitive instincts, and providing us with a burst of genuine love, we believe the presence of dogs promotes human wellbeing, happiness, civility, and long-term progress.

3) Gillie, our beautiful German Shepherd, Husky, Malamute, Chow Chow, etc. mix is truly the most special thing to happen to us. She is adoringly sweet, playful, and simply adorable. We wish onto every decent human being the immense joy Gillie has brought to our family.

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, click on the button below. You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for the Gillie Foundation. Checks should be mailed to:

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