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Immigration Legal Services

Immigration detention and removal place a significant economic strain on families and local communities.

Across California, high proportions of immigrants are employed in essential job functions, including agricultural and healthcare workers. And undocumented workers and their family members with multiple immigration statuses contributed $10.7 billion in state and local taxes Los Angeles. 

Despite their contributions, immigrants have been criminalized through longstanding federal removal and detention priorities, but without a guaranteed right to counsel.

Facing the drastic and severe consequences of deportation, most immigrants are forced to defend themselves in court against government-funded trial attorneys and immigration judges. With a qualified attorney, immigrants are five times more likely to win relief from deportation. They’re also less likely to fall prey to unscrupulous immigration practitioners.  

Help us keep Los Angeles’ immigrant communities healthy and safe.  

While the immigration legal services pipeline has been strengthened, providers remain woefully under-resourced respective to the volume of service demand. We invite you to join us in our efforts to fortify a safety net that tackles systemic issues, challenges and barriers for Los Angeles’ immigrant communities through universal representation. 

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