Transitional Kinder to Grade 12 Education

Helping our most vulnerable students fulfill their highest learning potential.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our educational system was plagued by disproportionate racial and ethnic gaps in reading and mathematics proficiency, reflecting larger trends in California and the rest of the U.S. The effects of the pandemic exacerbated learning loss for all students, especially our most vulnerable children.

CCF is focused on ensuring that actions taken to address this learning loss align with ongoing efforts to ensure resource equity for communities where a substantial number of students come from low-income families, particularly those of Black, Latino/a, and Native American backgrounds. We’re also working to ensure that L.A. County’s large population of multilingual students have access to the best practices, highly trained teachers, and other supports needed to help them fulfill their highest learning potential as English learners.

Engaging Through Multiple Approaches

CCF works to advance these goals through grantmaking, convenings, strategic communications, grassroots and grass tops advocacy, fundraising, and technical assistance support. The foundation works with philanthropic and community partners on a broad range of education issues from school funding and finance, increasing teacher diversity, organizing, and leadership development among youth, parents, and educators.

Our goal is to engage in multiple approaches that can reinforce one another, from better teaching practices to evidence-based policy to meaningful community engagement. 

  • CCF’s TK-12 grantmaking supports developing, scaling, and implementing evidence-based approaches that support the “whole learner.”
  • We invest in mitigating the social and educational impacts of inequitable school funding on local communities and help schools address barriers to learning by becoming more responsive to student and family needs.
  • We help organize and foster local voices in educational funding and policy decisions. This is done at the regional and state levels by seeding and investing in regional education stakeholder collaboratives.

Embracing Our Mission

The mission of CCF is to lead positive, systemic change in L.A. County’s public education system. This encompasses the academic growth, socio-emotional vitality, and college or career readiness of the 1.3 million children enrolled in 80 K-12 school districts and 372 charter schools throughout the County, including approximately 250,000 students learning to speak English proficiently.

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