Centinela Valley Medical and Community Funds

Centinela Medical & Community Funds

When we care for our neighbors, we heal our communities.

Since 1999, the Centinela Valley Medical and Community Funds have granted over $65 million to improve the health of children and adults living in South L.A. County. Created from the proceeds of the sale of Centinela Hospital Medical Center, the funds support healthy people and healthy communities by ensuring that the local residents the hospital once served continue to have access to high-quality care and preventive services.

Grants from the Centinela Valley Medical and Community Funds help support eligible hospitals and community-based organizations in creating community engagement and improving health opportunities in the region for economically disadvantaged residents in the Centinela Valley and surrounding areas. Areas served include Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox, Los Angeles, El Segundo, Watts, Compton and Lawndale.

Advisory Board:

  • Yasser Aman, Dr. Ph., M.PH

    Board Chair

  • Thelma L. Eaton, D.S.W.

    Board Secretary

  • Sandra Salazar, M.D.

    Board Member

  • Clifton L. Johnson

    Board Member

  • Aurea Montes-Rodriguez

    Board Member

  • Valerie Lynne Shaw, M.P.A.

    Board Member

  • Grant Murata Sunoo, M.U.P

    Board Member

  • Andrea Williams, M.P.A.

    Board Member