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Battle Studios Community Project



We are pleased to announce that the Battle Studios Community Project (BSCP) has been established in loving memory of Gregory Carlton Battle, who passed away on December 3, 2021. Gregory was an 8th degree Black Belt Master who trained under Grand Master Ki Whang Kim and became lead instructor at Kim Studios in Washington DC. Later, Gregory took his talents and Master Kim’s lessons west, and would teach Tae Kwon Do in the Venice, CA area for over 40 years.

Battle Studios began humbly with three students in a carport in Venice. However, in the tradition of legendary masters, Gregory’s philosophy—which emphasizes martial arts skills, personal development (especially dedication, discipline, and effort), and caring—transcended self-defense training. Three students in a carport became a community that spans the globe, multiple generations, and countless lives lived more fully.

Gregory’s broader mission meant that once a student started at Battle Studio, he would insist that they continue their study regardless of ability to pay. The Battle Studios Community Project is being established to continue Gregory’s mission. BSCP will provide martial arts training and life lessons to children, young adults and families who embrace Master Battle’s philosophy regardless of the ability to pay.

BSCP is currently securing its not-for-profit status. In the interim BSCP has partnered with the California Community Foundation (CCF), a 501(c)(3), to create and administer a fund on the CCF platform, advised by BSCP, that can receive tax deductible donations today.


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You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for the Battle Studios Community Project. Checks should be mailed to:

California Community Foundation
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