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The Asrat Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to empower women and survivors of sexual trauma & domestic violence through education, microenterprise programs and the arts.

Its initial project was a girls education program in Ethiopia, which is currently in its second year of subsidizing the school fees, room and board, books, uniforms, tutors and school supplies for 20 high school students and 1 college student in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia. Without this program, these girls would not have been able to complete high school and/or college simply due to a lack of access and resources.

In November 2020, a war was induced in Ethiopia by outside forces and hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by mercenaries. In collaboration with a local grassroots organization, the Asrat Foundation subsidized a microenterprise program for 25 survivors of weaponized rape in Shewa Robit, Ethiopia.  The one year program provides start-up capital, training and support for the women to set up a small business in Shewa Robit, Ethiopia.

The Asrat DAF at CCF provides grants to various organizations including non-profits focused on historical preservation in California, poverty alleviation in Ethiopia, reparations for African Americans, and scholarships for disadvantaged students globally.

The foundation plans to get involved in the areas of mental health and the arts.

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