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Anna Cox Health Freedom Fund

Anna Cox passed away peacefully in April of this year. She was a passionate wife, mother, grandmother, friend, colleague and mentor. She led with creativity and wholehearted empathy in all her endeavors. Her passion and steadfast belief drove Anna to be a dedicated advocate for expanding health options and a defender of the freedom to access them.

Introduced to homeopathy in a bio-physics class at the American University of Complementary Medicine where she earned her doctorate, she subsequently established an innovative and evidence-based practice in classical homeopathy in Los Angeles. Through her pioneering practice, she drove unprecedented healing with homeopathy, transforming hundreds of lives of those she helped heal.

Beyond her practice, Anna dedicated her life to fostering a society where anyone could access and explore various healing modalities without judgment or restriction. She championed the cause of health freedom, believing in the fundamental right of individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being and advocating for the freedom to choose their healing paths.

To this end, she served on the board of directors for the North American Society of Homeopaths and worked with Americans for Homeopathic Choice and the National Health Freedom Coalition, leveraging her clear communication and coalition building to envision strategic paths to secure the right to practice and be treated by homeopathy and other alternative health modalities.

We mourn the loss of a courageous individual, but we also celebrate her life of purpose, conviction, learning, and healing. Her spirit will live on through those she inspired and whose lives she transformed, and her advocacy will continue to shape the discourse surrounding health and wellness for years to come.

Anna cherished her family and devoted her entire life to helping ensure they each lived life to its fullest. She is survived by her husband of 44 years, Brad; her daughter Courtney, son-in-law Andrew and grandchildren Austin, Arlo, and Tallulah; and her son Spencer, to be daughter-in-law Elianne and grandchild Sylvia.

The Anna Cox Health Freedom Fund has been set up to further the important work of three key not-for-profit organizations; outlined with links below:

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You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for the Anna Cox Health Freedom Fund. The fund’s launching goal is $400,000. The family has seeded the goal with $250,000 and is offering an additional dollar-for-dollar match up to $50,000 for every donation made this year. The Fund donations to the three organizations will be stewarded by the Cox family.

Checks should be mailed to:

California Community Foundation
717 W Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Anna’s family will also be collating a book of tributes, photos, and memories in celebration of her life. To contribute, please share via email to courtneycutcliffe [@] gmail [.] com.