Funds & Giving Options

Every individual, family and corporate donor has unique interests, assets and circumstances. That’s why our custom fund vehicles, from scholarships to donor advised funds, allow for flexibility and a host of solutions for your giving. We also accept a wide range of asset types, including ones that many commercial brokerage firms are unable to accommodate.

Fund Types

Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund is a flexible giving vehicle that offers immediate tax benefits and allows donors to support the charities of their choice on their own schedule through grant recommendations.

Private Foundation Alternative Fund

A private foundation alternative fund enables donors to facilitate their family’s charitable giving activities without all the administrative and management burdens of a traditional private family foundation.

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Unrestricted Fund

Unrestricted funds allow donors to ensure their gifts go to support the most pressing community needs and the most effective solutions, however they may change over time. The Future of L.A. Fund is a special unrestricted fund that provides a simple and efficient giving mechanism for donors who want to focus their gifts on high-priority needs within Los Angeles County as identified by CCF’s expert advisors.

Field of Interest Fund

A field of interest fund allows donors to make an impact on their area of interest without committing to any specific organization by authorizing CCF’s experts to issue appropriate grants on their behalf. For example, if you wish to support children’s health, CCF staff will identify the most effective organizations working in the field to receive your funds. If the issue area changes, as when orphanages were replaced by the foster care system, our staff will work to seek out new organizations whose work fulfills your original charitable intent.

Restricted Fund

A restricted fund empowers donors to support specific organizations of their choosing through regular grant making without having to manually execute recommendations for every grant occurrence.

Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund lets donors choose a fund option, establish criteria and determine their own degree of involvement while supporting students of any age, background or education level.

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Charitable Asset Management Partnership (ChAMP)

Charitable Asset Management Partnership (ChAMP) is a customized investment option for donors who prefer to have their own trusted financial advisor manage the majority of their charitable assets. It provides comparable benefits to a private foundation or scholarship fund along with a full range of supporting services. The minimum initial gift is $500,000.

Asset Types


Cash gifts allow donors to claim a current tax deduction of up to 60 percent of adjusted gross income and carry forward contributions exceeding that limit for up to five subsequent tax years.

Real Estate

A gift of commercial or residential real estate owned for more than a year entitles the owner to a tax deduction for the property’s full fair market value while allowing the owner to avoid capital gains tax.

Publicly Traded Securities & Mutual Fund Shares

Gifts of publicly traded securities and mutual fund shares qualify donors for an immediate charitable deduction of the full fair market value and an exemption from capital gains tax on the appreciation.

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Closely Held Stock

Closely held stock creates liquidity for charitable giving with illiquid assets while avoiding capital gains taxes, minimizing or eliminating estate taxes, and maximizing the tax deductibility of the donation.

Retirement Plan Assets

Charitable contributions of various forms of retirement plan assets assist donors in reducing or eliminating income and estate taxes while simultaneously providing for the causes they support.

Partnership Interests

Donations of partial interests from an investment or business partnership permit donors to retain partial ownership of their business interests while also pursuing their charitable passions.


Bequests enable donors to support the community while retaining complete control over assets during their lifetime through a living trust or will while earning a full charitable deduction on estate taxes.

Other Complex Assets

We specialize in simplifying the process of converting complex assets into charitable contributions. From commercial real estate to partnership interests, we accept a broad range of asset gifts that many commercial brokerage firms do not have the ability or the experience to accommodate.

Explore Funds

LA Arts Endowment Fund

The LA Arts Endowment Fund has been established by a $20 million transformative gift from philanthropist Mackenzie Scott, which will be used to sustain and strengthen the Los Angeles region’s arts ecosystem. The Endowment will support small to mid-sized organizations that play vital roles in their communities. The creation of the Endowment is about ensuring the long-term […]

Ready to Rise

Ready to Rise funding helps grantees provide a variety of programs focused on educational attainment, leadership, workforce development, mentorship, arts, wellness, youth organizing and other areas.

FEDCO Charitable Foundation

The FEDCO Charitable Foundation was created when the FEDCO chain of stores closed in 1999. After creditors and employee benefits were paid in full, the remaining assets of more than $7 million were used to establish the FEDCO Charitable Foundation, a supporting organization of the California Community Foundation, whose staff coordinates the grant distribution process.

Census 2020

The California Community Foundation is working with community and government partners to ensure that no Angeleno goes uncounted. This will require unprecedented coordination, collaboration and resources.


When the nonprofit organizations that make a difference in our communities have access to capital, they can expand services and become stronger and more effective.

Recovery Hubs

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted low-income, immigrant, Black and brown communities. We are focused on mitigating the ongoing devastation by strengthening place-based coordination and community-based nonprofit infrastructure through the establishment of Regional Recovery Hubs.