Our greatest dreams begin at home.

Having a stable job, a safe place to live and reliable transportation can go a long way in strengthening individuals, families and communities. Yet in Los Angeles County, one in six residents is unemployed or underemployed; rents have risen sharply over the last decade, while wages have declined 10 percent; and on any given night, nearly 60,000 residents experience homelessness, enough to fill Dodger Stadium.

CCF’s Housing program combines grantmaking, lending and advocacy to support effective housing with services for our homeless neighbors, more affordable housing and better jobs for working L.A. families.  Since 2000, we have granted almost $30 million to ensure Angelenos have safe, supportive and stable homes and the economic opportunities they need to thrive.

In addressing Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis, there is no more effective tool than supportive housing, which combines long-term affordable housing with critical services such as job training, case management and health care, can drive systemic change to end our homelessness crisis. In 2016, we partnered with funders, community organizations and the City and County of Los Angeles to help enact a $5 billion public investment in fighting homelessness over the next ten years.

Through our Home L.A. Fund, we seek to leverage our dollars to help the L.A. County triple its production of supportive housing to 1,000 a year. We also created the Home L.A. Loan Fund, an innovative, no-risk charitable investment option that allows CCF donors to pool their funds to create three- to five-year loans to spur the production of housing for the chronically homeless.

But our homelessness crisis is only a symptom of our housing crisis. Rising rents and declining wages put vulnerable communities at risk and threaten our shared prosperity. To thrive, Angelenos need housing they can afford and the opportunity to support their families. We promote the preservation and production of affordable housing and support public policies that incentivize inclusion of affordable housing in every neighborhood. And through our economic opportunity work, we help low-income entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits to build wealth, create jobs and revitalize their communities.

For more information, visit our housing resource library.

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Relief from Urgent Student Hardship (RUSH) Fund Life happens, but college can’t wait.

A college diploma is one of the single most effective tools in creating opportunity and economic mobility. But rising housing prices, tuition and other costs of living are putting higher education out of reach for many low-income students and families. One unexpected expense – a medical bill, family crisis or temporary loss of housing – can end a college career, leaving students in debt and without the increased earnings that go along with a degree.

Relief from Urgent Student Hardship (RUSH) funds are modest, direct grants available to Los Angeles County students in moments of personal need. A supplement to academic scholarships, RUSH funds help students handle a sudden life challenge, so they can proceed with their college and future plans. RUSH funds are contributed by donors to and distributed via Los Angeles Scholars Investment Fund nonprofit partner organizations. These groups have substantial experience serving students in the region, providing wrap-around services to support them throughout the college journey.

Since the launch of the RUSH Fund in 2019, more than $2 million has been granted through a network of nine community-based partners.

Everyone benefits when our students can attend and succeed in college. The RUSH Fund is dedicated to ensuring that momentary hardships don’t stand in the way of our shared prosperity.

If you’re passionate about helping college students stay enrolled through life challenges, RUSH your support with this special giving opportunity.

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, click on the button below. You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for the Relief from Urgent Student Hardship (RUSH) Fund. Checks should be mailed to:

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Home L.A. Loan FundEvery night, over 66,000 Angelenos go to sleep homeless, enough to fill Dodger Stadium. The California Community Foundation (CCF) is working with partners to build 10,000 housing units over ten years for our neighbors in need.

We invite donors who are passionate about homelessness to invest in the Home L.A. Loan Fund, a one-of-a-kind, risk-free charitable investment option.

With a minimum commitment of $50,000, Home L.A. Loan Fund members become part of an innovative and effective strategy to address homelessness in Los Angeles County through supportive housing.

Here’s how it works:

  • Investments provide three or five year seed capital to organizations building permanent supportive housing units for the chronically homeless.
  • Housing providers leverage this loan capital to speed up production and build more units for those who need them.
  • At the conclusion of the loan’s term, 100% of your initial investment is returned to your fund.

More information about the Home L.A. Loan Fund and how it works is available through our fact sheet. The Home L.A. Loan Fund is open to CCF fundholders only. To open your own fund, click here.

By becoming a member of the Home L.A. Loan Fund, you are partnering with a committed group of donors who understand that every Angeleno benefits from a solution to chronic homelessness. And since all Home L.A. loans are guaranteed by CCF, you can double your impact, using your charitable dollars to fight homelessness now and directing them later to the causes your care about most.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this unique opportunity, click the button below to contact us and begin your investment.

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Every night, nearly 66,000 Angelenos go to sleep homeless. They are families evicted due to job loss, veterans suffering from trauma, former foster youth, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. More than 15,000 are chronically homeless, spending months and years on the streets and often suffering from mental illness and physical disabilities. The human and financial costs are tremendous, and the need for safe, affordable housing has never been greater.

Research shows that providing services without housing, or housing without services is not effective. But by combining housing with supportive services such as job training, case management and health care, we can make a real impact. This approach, known as permanent supportive housing (PSH), has been proven to be effective and can cut government costs for the chronically homeless by up to 75%.

In 2016, we partnered with a network of housing providers, lenders and foundations who committed to more than tripling the City’s production of permanent supportive housing units to 1,000 per year. This includes early funding to buy land and secure entitlements, as well as support for nonprofit housing developers and services needed to ensure recipients remain in housing.

The homelessness crisis facing Los Angeles County is a solvable one. By joining with donors, nonprofits, funders and public and private-sector institutions, you have the potential to make a permanent impact. If we can focus attention and resources on the root causes of homelessness, we can build a future in which everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the strength, productivity and well-being of our region.

CCF created the Home L.A. Fund in 2015 to help address the worsening homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County. Since then, CCF has raised $2 million from individual donors, which has expanded the impact of our broader housing initiatives. Through the Home L.A. Fund, CCF will:

  • Help high capacity nonprofit organizations expand the supply of permanent and emergency housing solutions.
  • Support innovative approaches to building housing and providing services.
  • Advocate for new policies that will solve homelessness and housing insecurity once and for all.

By giving to the Home L.A. Fund, you fund grants to L.A.’s most effective affordable housing developers, ensuring more Angelenos have a home to call their own.

The Home L.A. Loan Fund is a one-of-a-kind, risk-free charitable investment option focused on fighting homelessness in Los Angeles County. The California Community Foundation is lending nearly $11 million to continue supporting the creation of 10,000 units and expanding the fund for new innovative pilots. We are looking for partners to join us and match this investment. Donor Fund holders can participate in this low-interest, three or five year Home L.A. Loan Program backed by a CCF guarantee and leverage private and public dollars to deliver social impact.

Ending the homelessness crisis is a daunting challenge, and we have partnered with incredible organizations across Los Angeles County to make an impact. Below are just a few of our expert partners who can help you learn more about the crisis and how you can get involved in addressing short- and long-term solutions.

Learn how Los Angeles County reached this point and discover innovative, effective approaches that have the potential to end our homelessness crisis.

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, click on the button below. You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for the Home L.A. Fund. Checks should be mailed to:

California Community Foundation
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