The David Lee Foundation aims to support, enhance, and promote professional theater in Los Angeles County. It offers monetary grants to encourage high-quality productions of neglected plays and musicals that, because of financial considerations, are seldom, if ever, done. Grants are given to supplement cast sizes, set and costume budgets, orchestras, and rehearsal time. Although new work is occasionally considered, there is a strong emphasis on the vast canon of neglected works.

With ever increasing costs accompanied by decreasing aid to the arts, theater companies large and small are being forced to work with fewer and fewer resources. As a result, the live theater appears to be shrinking before our eyes. Few theaters can consider a play with over 4 actors and anything more than the most rudimentary of sets and costumes. More often than not we are greeted upon entering the theater with a bare stage, a chair, and a program that lists one or two actors. While this may well be artistically satisfying in some cases, it has resulted in the neglect of many great works simply because of their size. The David Lee Foundation (DFL) seeks to change that.

Established 501(c)(3) professional theaters/companies in Los Angeles County may apply for one production per grant cycle.

  • Only productions operating under Actors’ Equity Contract Agreements will be considered.
  • Booking houses or productions produced elsewhere will not be considered, nor will non-professional (community) theaters.
  • Workshops, rehearsals, transfers, remounting of previous stagings, and touring productions are not eligible.
  • Grants are awarded to assist individual productions, not to fully fund them.
  • Special consideration will be given to those who hire primarily local actors and creative teams.

Interested parties should check back in early April 2024 for instructions to apply for the foundation’s next grant cycle. Please direct any questions to:

Erin Limlingan
Donor Relations Officer
California Community Foundation
Email: elimlingan [@] calfund [.] org

There are two grant cycles:

  • Submissions must be made by May 1st for productions whose opening is the following September 1st or later.

  • Submissions must be made by October 1st for productions whose opening is the following January 1st or later.

Examples of previous grants:

  • A mid-sized theater wanted to produce KING CHARLES III but could not afford the large cast. The DFL provided funds for 10 additional actors’ contracts and expenses. The production would not have taken place otherwise.
  • A director for a small theater had a fresh take on A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE but because of recent changes to the 99-seat theater plan, they could only afford 4 actors rather than the 9 required. The DLF provided the funds to pay for 5 actors. The production would not have taken place otherwise.
  • A small theater wanted to produce a revival of LE LIASONS DANGEREUSES but found the cost of wigs and costumes prohibitive. The DLF provided a grant for those and the production went ahead.

David regularly directs and writes for major regional theaters, including the L.A. Opera, Pasadena Playhouse, Two River Theater CompanyPapermill Playhouse, Williamstown Theater Festival, Encores, Reprise and the Hollywood Bowl. A nine-time Emmy Award winning director, writer and producer for television, David was co-creator/director of “Wings” and “Frasier”, a writer and producer for “Cheers” and a director for “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  19 Emmy nominations, Directors Guild Award, Golden Globe, Producers Guild Award, Ovation Award, British Comedy Award, Television Critics Association Award (three times), the Humanitas Prize (twice) and the Peabody.


The Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation was established at the California Community Foundation in 1994, named after Walt Disney’s housekeeper for 30 years. It provides support to projects or programs in Los Angeles County that focus on quality arts-based education enrichment activities for children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Howard had great faith in the Disney’s, who gave her a few shares of Walt Disney Company stock for holiday and birthday presents. She held on to every share and eventually became a wealthy woman. She passed away on June 10, 1994, just days before her 80th birthday. Through her will, it was her wish that a fund be designated for disadvantaged children.

Because of her generosity, the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation has awarded more than $4 million in grants. CCF, with the help of an independent board of directors, administers the annual grants. During FY2010, the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation changed its open application process to an invitation-only process, in acknowledgment of its commitment to selected organizations.

The Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation funds Los Angeles County arts-education programs (dance, instrumental and vocal music, visual arts and dramatic arts) serving children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Awards for up to $25,000 will be made to art programs that result in at least one of the following: improved artistic skills, improved academic skills, or improved attitude and/or behaviors toward school.

While the preliminary Letter of Interest process is open to all, full applications are by invitation only.

Grants will be awarded in 2024 to outstanding Los Angeles County arts-education programs (visual, performing and language arts) serving children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Awards will be made to art programs that result in at least one of the following:  improved artistic, or academic skills, and improved attitude and/or behaviors toward school.

To be eligible for funding, an applicant must:

  • Be located in and serve Los Angeles County
  • Serve disadvantaged K through 8th grade students*
  • Be a nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code

The Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation has distinct preferences for:

  • Programs that demonstrate meaningful and measurable results for participants
  • Organizations where professional artists lead the programming and instruction
  • Programs that have integration/relationships with the schools of participants
  • Organizations with strong operational records as well as those with a growing maturity in their work

*Only programs specific to students in the K-8th grade range will be considered for this grant opportunity.

The California Community Foundation uses the IRS’s Database to verify your organization’s nonprofit status, and in some cases will use GuideStar to download Forms 990 and Audited Financial Statements. Please make sure that your organization’s biographic and financial information is updated and current with the IRS as well as on GuideStar.

For the 2024 grantmaking cycle the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation has introduced a Letter of Interest process within the overall application review. The goal of the new process is for the committee to view prospective programs in advance and potentially allow more organizations to make an initial introduction.

This step will narrow the number of organizations invited to the full application, so that organizations completing the application are those with a more significant chance of receiving an award. We believe this will enhance capacity of our nonprofit partners to direct staff time toward fundraising that is most likely to result in funding, and we anticipate our LOI process will provide that opportunity.

LOI submissions will be accepted from Friday, December 1, 2023 through Friday, January 8, 2024
Deadline is 5:00 p.m., Friday January 8, 2024

Organizations will be notified by the end of February 2024 regarding invitation to the full application.

[Application period will be in March 2024. LOI submissions invited to full application will receive further detail regarding next steps]

Access to the LOI is via our NonprofitConnect portal. The link below provides information on how to get started on the portal. https://www.calfund.org/wp-content/uploads/How-to-Register-on-Spectrum-Grant-Applicants.pdf

To begin, follow the link HERE and search/select the Thelma Pearl Howard Foundation Letter of Interest
[The LOI will only be available at this link during the open period Dec. 1, 2023 – Jan 8, 2024]

Advocating for an educational system that fully supports the needs of DLL and EL students.

The Consortium for English Learner Success is a regional collective championing effective policies, programs, and practices for Dual Language (DLL) and English Learners (ELs). Seed funded by CCF in 2018, the Consortium is composed of nearly 100 civil rights, policy, research, philanthropic, educator and community-based organizations working to strengthen the prosperity of California and Los Angeles County by advocating for an educational system that fully supports the needs and embraces the assets of DLL and EL students. 

Focused on Closing the Opportunity Gap

English learners are multilingual assets in the community, yet they’re less likely to score well on standardized tests, take advanced placement courses and go to college. For them to realize their full potential, we must provide the resources needed for success. The Consortium supports expanded transparency in how education dollars are allocated to reach students and communities with the greatest needs. And by expanding access to courses necessary to attend college, we hope to close the opportunity gaps faced by far too many. 

Leadership & Achievements

Led by an advisory committee of preeminent advocacy organizations (Alliance for a Better Community, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Californians Together, Center for Equity for English Learners, Early Edge, Education Trust-West, Unidos US), the Consortia’s past achievements include the creation of a wide-reaching 2020 Policy Agenda report that serves as a framework for multi-organization advocacy to improve EL educational access, quality, and outcomes in Los Angeles and California. 

True vision sees not what you are, but what you can be.

At a time when a bachelor’s degree leads to a $1 million increase in lifetime earnings, only four in 10 young Black men graduate from a four-year college. And though they’re only 8 percent of all young people living in L.A., Black youth make up nearly 33 percent of those on probation—four times their population. Once in the system, it’s hard to get out, with more than 80 percent facing re-arrest within three years. 

With access to educational opportunities, caring mentors and positive options, there’s no limit on what these young men can achieve. And when they succeed, all Angelenos benefit. 

In 2012, CCF launched BLOOM (Building a Lifetime of Options and Opportunities for Men) to help young Black men who are or are at risk of becoming involved the juvenile justice system onto positive paths towards success. By combining mentorship, character development and specially-tailored programming BLOOM helps young men succeed in high school, higher education, and life.

Though the initiative has experienced challenges, our partners Brotherhood Crusade and the Social Justice Learning Institute have worked hard, taken smart risks and committed themselves to learning along the way. The result is a powerful new model for expanding opportunities for young people who face steep and entrenched barriers.

Since 2012, hundreds of young men have transformed their futures through the program, which has been recognized by the White House as a promising model to be replicated nationally. To date, BLOOM maintains a 90 percent high school graduation or GED attainment, in comparison to Los Angeles County’s 75.1% graduation rate for Black males.

Key Outcomes

  • BLOOM program is currently in 49 school sites
  • 90%+ graduation rate
  • BLOOM now serves Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, Metro, West, South, and South Bay regions of L.A. County
  • 52 college graduates
  • 66 post-secondary enrolled
    BLOOMers as of Fall 2022
  • BLOOMers attend 51 colleges/universities nationwide

The California Community Foundation (CCF) expresses deep gratitude to our funders, donors, and advisors for their guidance, encouragement, and feedback on this initiative. Together, we’ve dreamed big and acted boldly to improve the lives of our youth and our community.

See BLOOM Programs on NBC’s Give

Current & Past Advisory Committee Members

Towalame AustinVincent JonesDr. Terrence Roberts
Carl A. BalltonMontae LangstonVirgil Roberts
Carol BiondiMark LorangerDr. Hershel Swinger
David CrippensCourtney LyderTrayvon Walker
Dr. Winston DobyOlivia MitchellKarim Webb
Zaid GayleYusef OmowaleReggie Webb
Alan-Michael GravesDr. Manuel PastorAmelia Williamson
Marqueece Harris-DawsonDr. Renford ReeseZakeer Willis
Dr. Tyrone HowardAlberto Retana 

Funding Partners

Annenberg Foundation 

Erika J. Glazer 

Ballmer Group 

California Wellness Foundation 

The Hanley Foundation 

Los Angeles County Department of Youth Development 

The Carl and Roberta Deutsch Foundation 

Patricia Neuwirth 

Citi Foundation – Community Progress Makers 

Union Bank Foundation 

Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation 

Weingart Foundation 

BLOOM Staff 

Nike Irvin 

Kristina McGee 

Tammy Johnson 

Alvertha Penny 

Kelly King 

Jai Phillips 

Robert Lewis 

LaWayne Williams 

The work of BLOOM and its partners is being carried on by the BLOOM Alliance. To support their work and help create positive futures for young Black men in South Los Angeles, click the donate button above.

Transforming the early care and education system.

Quality early care and education (ECE) experiences contribute to children’s success in K-12 and beyond. Yet out of 455,581 children in L.A. County who were income-eligible for publicly funded early care and education programs, approximately one-quarter were enrolled in publicly funded ECE (2019).

Transforming the early care and education system for young learners’ birth to age three requires systems change grantmaking strategies and public and private partnerships. Building on previous investments such as, the Los Angeles Preschool Advocacy Initiative, and the Early Childhood Alliance, CCF seeks to support advocates in developing community-informed policies that increase support for early care and preschool education reforms and funding; and fund nonprofit organizations that help parents and early care and education providers advocate for better child care and preschool programs.

The Stein ECD Fund Partnership, launched in 2023, brings together the California Community Foundation’s Education team and donors Mindy and Gene Stein, to build a three-year California-wide communications campaign to inspire action from the general public. Grounded in policy solutions that center families with children birth to age three, and prioritize challenges faced by BIPOC families/caregivers, the campaign is actively driving public urgency and mobilizing support for publicly-funded, accessible, and high-quality child care.

Helping our most vulnerable students fulfill their highest learning potential.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our educational system was plagued by disproportionate racial and ethnic gaps in reading and mathematics proficiency, reflecting larger trends in California and the rest of the U.S. The effects of the pandemic exacerbated learning loss for all students, especially our most vulnerable children.

CCF is focused on ensuring that actions taken to address this learning loss align with ongoing efforts to ensure resource equity for communities where a substantial number of students come from low-income families, particularly those of Black, Latino/a, and Native American backgrounds. We’re also working to ensure that L.A. County’s large population of multilingual students have access to the best practices, highly trained teachers, and other supports needed to help them fulfill their highest learning potential as English learners.

Engaging Through Multiple Approaches

CCF works to advance these goals through grantmaking, convenings, strategic communications, grassroots and grass tops advocacy, fundraising, and technical assistance support. The foundation works with philanthropic and community partners on a broad range of education issues from school funding and finance, increasing teacher diversity, organizing, and leadership development among youth, parents, and educators.

Our goal is to engage in multiple approaches that can reinforce one another, from better teaching practices to evidence-based policy to meaningful community engagement. 

  • CCF’s TK-12 grantmaking supports developing, scaling, and implementing evidence-based approaches that support the “whole learner.”
  • We invest in mitigating the social and educational impacts of inequitable school funding on local communities and help schools address barriers to learning by becoming more responsive to student and family needs.
  • We help organize and foster local voices in educational funding and policy decisions. This is done at the regional and state levels by seeding and investing in regional education stakeholder collaboratives.

Embracing Our Mission

The mission of CCF is to lead positive, systemic change in L.A. County’s public education system. This encompasses the academic growth, socio-emotional vitality, and college or career readiness of the 1.3 million children enrolled in 80 K-12 school districts and 372 charter schools throughout the County, including approximately 250,000 students learning to speak English proficiently.

To join with CCF in building a brighter future for our most vulnerable students, click the donate button above.

ASRAT logo

The Asrat Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to empower women and survivors of sexual trauma & domestic violence through education, microenterprise programs and the arts.

Its initial project was a girls education program in Ethiopia, which is currently in its second year of subsidizing the school fees, room and board, books, uniforms, tutors and school supplies for 20 high school students and 1 college student in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia. Without this program, these girls would not have been able to complete high school and/or college simply due to a lack of access and resources.

In November 2020, a war was induced in Ethiopia by outside forces and hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by mercenaries. In collaboration with a local grassroots organization, the Asrat Foundation subsidized a microenterprise program for 25 survivors of weaponized rape in Shewa Robit, Ethiopia.  The one year program provides start-up capital, training and support for the women to set up a small business in Shewa Robit, Ethiopia.

The Asrat DAF at CCF provides grants to various organizations including non-profits focused on historical preservation in California, poverty alleviation in Ethiopia, reparations for African Americans, and scholarships for disadvantaged students globally.

The foundation plans to get involved in the areas of mental health and the arts.

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, click on the button below. You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for The Asrat Foundation. Checks should be mailed to:

California Community Foundation
717 W Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Donate Now


Contributions to the California Community Foundation represent irrevocable gifts subject to the legal and fiduciary control of the foundation’s board of directors. This charge will appear on your credit card statement as a payment to “Calif Comm Fdn – CCF”. In addition, California Community Foundation incurs a third-party administrative fee of 2.7 percent for credit card contributions. The foundation will charge the fee directly to the individual fund.

The Warren Christopher Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 with a gift by the partners of O’Melveny & Myers LLP to honor Warren Christopher, its former chairman and senior partner, when he was appointed U.S. Secretary State. Secretary Christopher passed away on March 18, 2011, at the age of 85, but his willingness to help others and his enthusiasm for public service live on in the scholarship program that bears his name. LAUSD students are the only students eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria. Each LAUSD high school can nominate only one qualified candidate each year for possible designation as a Christopher Scholar. To be eligible for scholarship consideration, the student candidates must:

  • Be a 10th-grade student for whom this designation, honor, and scholarship will make a decided difference – and who is more likely to remain in school if he or she receives it.
  • Have a grade-point-average of 3.25 or higher from the 9th grade and through the first semester of 10th grade.
  • Have demonstrated financial need; EOP criteria may serve as a guide.
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to school and/or community involvement.


Deadline 1: By February 13, 2024 – identify the ONE student who will submit the scholarship application from your school. Please be sure to notify the student of their nomination and provide the support materials, application link and password.

Deadline 2: By March 19, 2024 – the deadline to submit an online application. Please follow up with the student nominee to ensure they have submitted the application. For students unable to submit online – please connect them to the following:

Dickson Perey, School Counseling Services
Division of Instruction
333 S. Beaudry Avenue, 25th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Email: dsp3985 [@] lausd [.] net


Angel City Fund

Angel City is founded on the idea that purpose and profit don’t just play nicely – they propel each other.

Our Club joined the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) in 2022 as its 12th women’s professional soccer team with a clear purpose: use entertainment to drive fandom and inspire impact.

We have broken records and raised standards on and off the pitch while generating a groundswell of support from some of the best players in the world and a passionate community of fans and partners. Our social impact program has been a core part of our DNA since inception, exhibited by giving away over $1 million through our 10% sponsorship model to help serve youth, women and families across Los Angeles.

Now, we hope to do more by launching the Angel City Foundation to accelerate inclusion and equity in sport and beyond by leveraging our unique combination of Football Club, Player Practice Facility, Community efforts, and new foundation initiatives. We are impatient for progress and optimistic about what Angel City can unlock. Join us in bending the curve for a future generation.

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, click on the button below. You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for the Angel City Fund. Checks should be mailed to:

California Community Foundation
717 W Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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NSBE logo


NSBE GroupThe UCLA Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE-UCLA) was founded on the campus in 1980 by Black Engineering students already enrolled in the School of Engineering as part of a larger effort to establish NSBE chapters at major universities across the nation. This overall effort has made NSBE one of the largest student-operated organizations in the country.

In October 2021, this scholarship initiative was created with the mission of investing in our future by supporting current members of NSBE at UCLA. We have engaged NSBE-UCLA alumni, private donors, and business partners committed to support the initiative, and partnered with the UCLA Black Alumni Association (UBAA) under the Legacy Scholarship Program to create an NSBE Bruin Alumni Scholarship for African-American students (freshman and returning/transfer students) majoring in Engineering at UCLA. Scholarships range from $500 to $10,000 and may be awarded for up to 4 years for each student.

Scholarships promote academic achievement and are an important part of any student’s journey. NSBE Alumni at UCLA recognize that financial support for African-American STEM students, particularly those majoring in the Engineering field, helps students get on the fast track to a rewarding career.

To make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, click on the button below. You may also send checks payable to the California Community Foundation, noting that the donation is for the NSBE Bruin Alumni Scholarship. Checks should be mailed to:

California Community Foundation
717 W Temple St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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