For Advisors

In our role as a neutral partner, CCF creates innovative solutions that help advisors successfully accomplish their clients’ charitable goals and maximize their tax deductions. Our strong track record, experienced staff and extensive resources make us an ideal partner for gift planning. And our long-term financial and investment history ensures that donors and advisors alike can trust our fiscal stewardship of their charitable visions.

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Give To Donor Funds

CCF is home to more than 1,800 funds, each embodying a donor’s dream for a better world. In diverse areas like the arts, disaster relief, education, the environment, health, housing, veteran’s issues, and more, our donors are making a difference in L.A. and around the world. Discover how you can join with their efforts.

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Open a Client Fund

CCF is ideally positioned to help advisors develop and deliver customized giving solutions to your clients. From identifying appropriate fund vehicles and handling complex assets to providing special services, we offer extraordinary flexibility and support for the diverse and changing needs of donors and the communities we serve.

Administrative Fees & Investment Approach

As a self-sustaining nonprofit organization, every dollar that we take in from fees is an investment in strengthening what we do. Our administrative fees enable us to provide top-quality service and expertise to make your giving easy, efficient and impactful. While higher than other competitors, our fees are meant to be a further investment in the community.

CCF takes a thoughtful approach to diversification in order to mitigate risk, eschew volatility and identify opportunities that add value. Learn more about our Investment Approach.

Considering a Private Foundation?

Clients often ask their advisors about private foundations. Our charitable giving experts are here to help answer your questions.

CCF’s Private Foundations: Questions, Answers and Options brings together detailed white papers addressing the major questions and issues faced by clients throughout the life-cycle of their private foundations, whether they’re considering a forming a private foundation, looking to enhance their existing foundation or seeking to convert their foundation into something that better fits their needs.

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We hope you find this information helpful during your conversations with clients. If you or your clients have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact us at (213) 239-2310 or

Continuing Education Opportunities

CCF shares our knowledge with the community and strives to advance the professional development of professional advisors. We offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit opportunities for accountants, attorneys and certified financial planners on a range of important topics including:
  • Benefits Of Private Foundation Alternatives
  • Tax Advantages Of Gifting Complex Assets Such As LLC Interest Or Real Estate
  • Flexible Solutions For Clients Who Want To Establish A Legacy, Provide Scholarships, Or Dissolve A Private Foundation
  • Unique Needs Of Entertainment Clients Interested In Charitable Giving
  • Anonymity And Protection From Solicitation
  • Managing Family Dynamics Through Philanthropy
Accountants: CCF is an approved provider of CPE credit by the State Bar of California Certified Public Accountants and adheres to the regulations and requirements prescribed in the Accountancy Act of the State Board of Accountancy.
Attorneys: CCF is an approved provider of MCLE credit by the State Bar of California and complies with the terms set by the Multiple Activity Provider Agreement.
Certified Financial Planners: CCF is an approved provider of Continuing Education Sponsorship with the CFP Board of Standards. This program meets the requirements for PACE credit of the American Society of CLU and ChFC.
To schedule a seminar in your office, at CCF or via webinar, please contact: