Supporting a Diverse Nation

We have always been and will always be one nation, indivisible. Whether from Oklahoma or Oaxaca, North Carolina or South Korea, people have always come to Los Angeles County to create better lives for themselves and their families. The passions, dreams and hard work of these diverse residents have helped build and define the Los Angeles region since before California became a state.

Committed to Immigrants’ Rights

Today, immigrants continue to define who we are as Angelenos, making up one in three residents and half of our workforce. Most have been here for over a decade, and they drive our identity, culture and economy, contributing nearly $233 billion every year. Everyone is enriched by their imagination, entrepreneurship and dedication. They are our neighbors, our coworkers, the proud parents sitting next to us at the PTA meeting.

CCF has long been committed to protecting the rights and future of new Americans and helping to integrate immigrants into the civic fabric of Los Angeles, with more than $10 million granted to local nonprofits that serve L.A.’s vibrant immigrant communities. We’ve funded everything from English language literacy to leadership development to policy advocacy. Our efforts have enabled tens of thousands of eligible immigrants to transform their futures by applying for citizenship, and we’ve helped more than 300,000 people obtain California driver’s licenses.

As a rising tide of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies have created a real sense of threat to many of our neighbors, we seek to protect their rights and safety through education programs and media outreach. And through programs like RepresentLA (formerly known as the L.A. Justice Fund), we help preserve families and uphold due process for all Angelenos by ensuring those facing deportation proceedings have access to legal representation.

Working for a Brighter Future

We’re committed to acting in the best interests of those in need as we encounter emerging opportunities. We support the implementation of federal deferred action programs that can empower more than half a million Angelenos to protect their families, earn a living and contribute to the future of their own communities.


For more information, visit our immigration resource library.

Immigration Funds & Initiatives

RepresentLA provides legal representation to immigrants, in custody or in the community, who face deportation, and to vulnerable individuals seeking affirmative immigration relief. The program includes community outreach to ensure that historically underserved communities receive access to services and facilitate case management to link clients with other resources and services they need.

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The Immigrants Are Essential Fund addresses the unique challenges faced by nonprofits in the Southern California's immigrant rights sector, which commonly include high levels of burnout, lack of mental health support, and financial challenges for staff. The fund is a collaboration between CCF and the Weingart Foundation.

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Facing the drastic and severe consequences of deportation, most immigrants are forced to defend themselves in court against government-funded trial attorneys and immigration judges. With a qualified attorney, immigrants are five times more likely to win relief from deportation. They're also less likely to fall prey to unscrupulous immigration practitioners.

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Immigrants are part of the fabric of Los Angeles and their economic, social and cultural contributions make our city the dynamic and vibrant metropolis it is today. Immigrant Angelenos make up 35 percent of the County’s total population of over 10 million individuals.

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Each year since 2020, the Los Angeles Immigration Summit has convened hundreds of leaders from across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors to advance an immigrant inclusive policy agenda for Los Angeles.

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Support Our Newest Americans

Join with CCF in empowering new Americans to build a brighter future for their families and their communities.

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