Our Greatest Dreams Begin at Home

Los Angeles County’s homelessness crisis is a symptom of larger systemic issues, including a dire lack of affordable housing. Since 2000, CCF has granted almost $30 million to address L.A. County’s affordable housing crisis to ensure that every Angeleno has a safe, stable place to live. The pervasive presence of homeless encampments may feel like a new phenomenon; however, our housing crisis has been building for decades. Contributing factors include stymied housing production that failed to meet population growth, exclusionary land use policies that stop multi-family development in high-opportunity communities, declining State and Federal funding for affordable housing production, and stagnant wages. The result has been increasing housing instability and an unprecedented homelessness crisis. Along with our partners, CCF is leading in creating solutions to address these crises and getting unhoused individuals into permanent homes. 

Our Goal: Homes for Everyone

To address these issues, CCF’s Housing and Economic Opportunity (HEO) team has granted more than $30 million to local nonprofits since 2000, working collaboratively to develop a shared vision and strategy that helps our community produce more affordable and supportive housing, preserve existing affordability, and protect tenants from displacement to fulfill the promise of stronger, healthier communities for all. We invest in organizations that are focused on Housing Justice, Affordable Housing Development, Policy Advocacy, and increasing access to capital. 


An affordable permanent home is essential to establish housing stability for people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. Permanent Supportive housing (PSH)a model of housing proven to end the cycle of homelessness—is one of our most effective tools to end homelessness. In 2016, CCF launched its Home L.A. initiative which combined advocacy, grantmaking, and lending to help the City of Los Angeles increase its pipeline of supportive housing from 300 to 1,000 units annually for 10 years. In the last seven years, CCF has successfully advocated for increasing and expediting housing construction, granted over $7 million and helped launch a $5 billion public investment over 10 years to help fight homelessness. 


As part of the Home L.A. initiative, CCF launched an innovative, no-risk charitable investment fund, raising more than $5.37 million from individual donors. Coupling individual donors’ resources with our program related investment capital, CCF made an $11 million investment in a $60 million revolving loan fund to support the acquisition and predevelopment of permanent supportive housing projects. Since 2017 the fund has invested more than $180 million in 48 projects creating a total of 3,645 units – which represents about a third of the City of LA’s total PSH pipeline. 

Leading Positive Systemic Change

Addressing the harm caused by racially discriminatory land use, housing finance, and mortgage lending policies is a multiple generational undertaking. In Los Angeles, the effects of discriminatory housing finance policies, known as redlining, are still reflected in racial disparities in homeownership, household wealth, and neighborhood investment. Regional development and land use decisions including freeway construction wiped out entire BIPOC communities.  


CCF works alongside the community to identify and fund policy advocacy that will lead to systems change at the local, county, and state level. Successful advocacy campaigns have resulted in billions of dollars in new funding for housing production and preservation and assistance for tenants facing eviction. CCF prioritizes investments in policy advocacy and housing justice groups who engage with community residents to create policies that lead to the creation and preservation of affordable housing and strengthen communities against displacement threats. 

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Create a Home for Everyone

Join with CCF in ensuring that all Angelenos have safe and secure homes and the opportunities they need to succeed.

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