Health for All

Our vision is that every Angeleno attains their highest level of health. We focus on those who have had the least access to health and communities with the greatest health disparities. Almost 2 million people in Los Angeles County rely on nonprofit community clinics for their health care including prevention and treatment for asthma, diabetes, COVID-19, substance use, and mental health. We know that health is also improved when all residents can access fresh and nourishing food, have a place to live, and are able to afford basic necessities.

Benefits for All

When Angelenos don’t have to choose amongst paying for a health visit, food, rent, or bills, our communities thrive and prosper. We believe that all residents regardless of their immigration status should have access to health coverage, food assistance, housing, economic relief and other services. In addition to awarding grants to community clinics we have made grants to advocates for including all Californians in public assistance programs, nonprofits that help low-income individuals and families get tax refunds, organizations that enroll people in food programs like CalFresh, and providers serving youth needing substance use prevention through treatment services. Our grants cover all of LA County and we have funding that focuses on the Centinela Valley.


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Making a Difference

Building healthier communities requires more than just access to care. CCF brings together nonprofits and institutions to address the root causes of major health issues and disparities. We also encourage and help engage health leaders and community members to advocate for programs and services that benefit public health.

Health Funds

Grants from the Centinela Valley Medical and Community Funds help support eligible hospitals and community-based organizations in creating community engagement and improving health opportunities in the region for economically disadvantaged residents in the Centinela Valley and surrounding areas. Areas served include Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox, Los Angeles, El Segundo, Watts, Compton and Lawndale.

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We understand how important affordable, quality health and preventive care are to our overall quality of life here in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, 750,000 of our residents are uninsured, which means missing out on prevention and treatment for chronic problems like asthma, diabetes and mental health.

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Join with CCF in creating a healthier Los Angeles where all residents can live and thrive.

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