Civic Engagement

Finding the Way Forward

Civic engagement holds the key to creating systemic change. No matter who we are or what unique experience we bring, we all have a place at the table and something valuable to contribute to our communities. Civic engagement empowers individuals and communities to make their voices heard, play a role in policy decisions and influence institutions that impact their futures and those of their families.

Bringing Lasting Change

Our civic engagement strategy invests in the ability of underrepresented communities to bring about lasting change. In civic deserts such as South, East and Southeast LA, as well as the San Fernando, San Gabriel and Antelope Valleys, underinvestment and systemic barriers fuel a lack of civic participation that compounds the challenges of addressing severe inequities around health, education and socioeconomic outcomes.


Over the years, we have invested in creating lasting positive change within these communities through grassroots organizing, leadership development, coalition building and public policy research. We continue to participate in initiatives and projects that nurture and empower communities, policy advocacy, community organizing, strategically convening community members, nonprofits and institutions.

Public Policy and Civic Engagement

Our Public Policy and Civic Engagement programs focus on:

  • Building the capacity of nonprofits to deepen civic engagement within the communities they serve.
  • Partnering, leading and supporting collaborations in civic deserts, bringing community, policymakers and key stakeholders together to address complex problems, assess opportunities and develop and implement systems-level remedies.
  • Launching a regional advocacy and community organizing effort in civic deserts to:
    • Strengthen their nonprofit sector
    • Support the development of a strong regional identity
    • Encourage multi-sector collaboration around critical issues
    • Generate greater public and private investment in the region

For more information, download our Community Empowerment and Voter Participation Resource Toolkit.

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